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Welcome to NNEPA

We hope our website and our membership can serve as a valuable resource for you and yours.  A great starting point is for you to attend our Truth About Estate Planning™ (TAEP) Client Orientation Program.  You may “attend” on-line or by contacting one of our members through our membership directory.

The Truth About Estate Planning™ Client Orientation Program has been developed through over two decades of serving clients.  It will explain why we recommend you pursue a Three Step Strategy Client to create A Plan That Works! 

The program is based not on the questions clients ask, rather on the questions you would ask if you knew what we know!  We discuss how to Select and Work with an estate planning attorney, as well as how five major ways to plan address the four major estate planning challenges. 

Members around the country are presenting this program regularly.  You may choose to meet with a local attorney in person, or to listen on-line to a presentation by our Chairman, Rick Randall. 

By the way, if there’s not a Network attorney conveniently located near you, we train attorneys nationally on how to create Plans That Work.  If you have an attorney you trust, have them check us out!

We’d appreciate your comments on what information you’d like to have as you investigate your estate planning options. 

If you have questions or concerns, contact Joe Bentivoglio, COO, at (800) 638-8681 or [email protected] for more information!