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Practice Management & Development

Practicum Transformation Process

For many members, success has been a result of the personal and practice development coaching that is provided by various programs in the Network. At one point The Practice Builder was a two-year program with quarterly meetings. Our brand new two-year Practice Transformation Experience™ includes a more intensive six month program (the Practicum Transition Program) that is intended to help the new member earn money from estate planning as quickly as possible. It provides a comprehensive course in basic estate planning law, practice development, and the law practice as a business. It includes bi-weekly teleconferences and two five-day live events. Even more importantly perhaps, it provides the opportunity to explore the biggest issues – what it is you really want to accomplish with your life and how your practice can help you achieve that. That is followed by approximately 18 months in the Advanced Practicum Implementation Program (APIP), providing ongoing mentoring and coaching in how to apply all that you learned in the transition program to your specific practice for maximum profit.