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Kelly Longale
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Planning With Purpose, Inc; Planning With Purpose Tucson (Arizona location)

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Education: Thomas M. Cooley Law School Juris Doctor University of Arizona Women, Children and the Law -Thematic major; Bachelor of Arts- Sociology Member of National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys The Background of Kelly C. Longale, JD. Kelly has worked extensively in service oriented professions that deal directly, face to face with clients. Her work history spans a diverse spectrum from assisting the homeless, running businesses, protecting families, and presenting cases before the Courts. This diversity of experiences has fostered strength in sensibility and humility in her approach to serving others regardless of the arena. In the practice of law, Kelly has been charged with helping people traverse through some of the most stressful and emotional times of their lives. Applying the value of practical life to the rule of law, she advocates for specialized representation for every client and family. In her opinion, “cookie-cutter” practices are both impractical and offensive to promoting effective professional representation. Practicing in the areas of family law and estate planning has intensified her commitment to provide an exceptional level of quality service, beyond the established norm, while drawing on her comprehensive and continual education. Kelly augments her education through annual continued legal education programs and Bar Association presentations. To stay abreast of the latest practices and legal issues in estate planning, she attends Network Estate Planning Collegiums and Practicum education that is coupled with monthly teleconference and webinar training and weekly strategy business conference calls. Understanding and applying the law is not an idle pursuit and has required tenacity. Tenacity: the quality or state of being tenacious; i.e. persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired (Merriam-Webster). If there were one word to describe Kelly, it might be “tenacious” because though she has valued every season in her life for its fruit, she has been continually pressing forward to “more,” to the benefit of herself and others in her life. Kelly’s work experience began at a young age in the 1970’s, assisting a very assertive and hard-working woman who crossed gender lines and labored in the world of men, as a contractor. The work ethic formed during this time was an extension of her father’s earliest training and approach of stepping up and “getting it done,” especially when it was difficult work. The practice of conquering challenges and holding oneself to a high standard is in Kelly’s DNA. Business Interests: • Founded The Law Office of Kelly Cassidy Longale, PLLC. • Founding Member of Planning With Purpose-Tucson, PLLC, an estate planning law firm in Tucson, AZ. • Member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys as Associate to Paul H. Grant. • Member of the Board of Directors and Vice-President, Vineyard City Church. • Licensed in the state of Arizona and admitted in 2010 to practice in the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Courts. • Practiced primarily in Family Law cases in the Superior Court of Pima County. • Owner and Partner, 1989-2001 Options in Hair and Nails. • Office Administration; female vocalist in several venues. Kelly began training during high school to become a licensed Cosmetologist and within a few years, opened her first business as a salon owner and partner. She managed the day-to-day business and serviced a thriving clientele for over 22 years. In 2000, as an unconventional student, Kelly completed an Associate Degree from Pima Community College (Phi Theta Kappa), transferred to the University of Arizona to complete a Bachelor of Arts Sociology Degree in 2002, and began the pursuit of law. Kelly attended a private law school in Lansing, Michigan and passed the Arizona Bar on the first try. While in Michigan, Kelly and her family met Paul Grant, the founder of Planning With Purpose, Inc. and his family, and they have shared a journey for the practice of law since meeting over 8 years ago. Personal Interests: As members of Vineyard City Church, Kelly sings and her husband Bill plays guitar/bass on the worship team. They additionally have played a wide variety of music in bands around Tucson. Kelly and Bill have been married for over 26 years, and together, they have a blended family of six children, currently all adults, ages 23-53. The family has sacrificed greatly for the accomplishments described above, and they deserve to receive high praise for the challenges and character building that was thrust upon them during the process. Kelly is most proud of the beautiful relationships that she and Bill have and share with their children. Kelly attributes any success in life to the watchful hand of God; and her life lived in imperfection, transparency, and with the hope that there are endless opportunities to serve others better today than yesterday.

Areas of Concentration

    • Asset Protection Planning
    • Business Entities & Succession Planning
    • Charitable Planning
    • Gift and Estate Tax Planning
    • Planning for Affluent Families
    • Planning for Non-traditional Families
    • Probate/Trust Administration
    • Values-Based Planning
    • Wills & Trusts
    • Estate Planning
    • Estate Administration and Probate

Sizes of Estates Handled

    • $0 - $500,000
    • $500,000 - $3 million
    • $3 - $10 million
    • $10 - $25 million
    • $25 million and higher